Live entertainment venues, an economy nearly destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic, are finally re-opening around the country and must consequently adapt to varying state restrictions for holding indoor events. Despite being able to reopen, many venues will remain closed until regulations and capacity maximums are relaxed, reasoning that such restrictions make reopening financially implausible.

The coming months will see live entertainment venues opening in waves, some for the first time in well over a year. Those working in this industry and have weathered the pandemic’s devastating effects on their businesses need practical, actionable guidance on which CDC-recommended health precautions to take and how to implement them, to ensure audiences attend live events safely, and another outbreak does not shutter their doors again.

As a follow up to the Reopening Guidelines released and updated last year, the Event Safety Alliance and the National Independent Venue Association have partnered with the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, Coalition of Performing Arts Centers, and National Independent Talent Organization to develop “Safe in Sound: A Reopening Checklist for the Live Entertainment Industry” as a source of digestible information for venue staff, patrons, and performers.

Download the checklist for free here.

While the information in the checklist has been vetted by the CDC, businesses should continue to work in conjunction with local authorities and health departments to stay current on local health conditions and regulations. Venue owners, staff, promoters, and other stakeholders should tailor their operations and risk mitigation efforts in accordance with the unique factors they face, including geographic location, size of staff, layout, and capacity of the venue.

The checklist is by no means an exhaustive resource – numerous legal issues will continue to develop and impact various industries for the foreseeable future. Follow Sheppard Mullins’ Coronavirus Insights or industry specific channels for up to date information.